Dalmatian Water Polo Academy

Frequently asked questions:


Q. What is the “Dalmatian Style”?


A. “Dalmatian style” of teaching water polo comes from Croatia’s long tradition of water polo programs along the Dalmatian Coast. Water polo programs from cities like Split, Sibenik, and Dubrovnik have been regarded as one of the best water polo programs in Europe in the past twenty years. For the last two decades, they have

been well represented at European Final Four where Dalmatian teams won four

European Championships (Jug 2001, 2006, 2016 and POŠK 1999). These programs

are known to develop in-house players from their age group programs, unlike other

water polo powerhouses.


Q. Are these sessions one on one type of workouts?


A. Although our training is focused on individual improvement, our workouts are group workouts with few players in each group. Water polo is a team sport and our drills are designed to improve individual skills within the team concept. Players are evaluated and placed in respected groups according to their age and ability.




Q. Will Dalmatian Water Polo Academy compete with other clubs?


A. Dalmatian Water Polo Academy is not a club and will not compete in club competitions. Our program is developed to complement any Club or High School program. Water polo players from all other programs are encouraged to participate.

Q. When can I join the Dalmatian Water Polo Academy?

A. Dalmatian Water Polo Academy is a year-round program and you can join at any time

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