A Unique and proven European style of coaching. This program is intended for those who seek dramatic improvements quickly and to those who desire to take their game to the next level. DWPA is one of a kind academy that focuses on water polo player's development and enforces proper technique. DWPA brings the Dalmatian style of coaching developed by water polo programs from the Dalmatian Coast (Jug, POSK, Jadran, Sibenik, Mornar). Our low player to coach ratio ensures proper instruction to every attendee.

Often a child who is gifted in water polo will be selected to premier teams, win many games and receive lots of trophies. Being on a winning team doesn't mean the individual player is growing in skills. Although he may be fast and strong and score a lot of goals, is he being challenged to perform at his highest potential? Is he playing water polo well or are his natural physical abilities leading to wins? Is he learning the proper way to dribble, pass, release, receive and shoot? At DWPA we believe that while winning is important, playing well is crucial. Children must be taught to play correctly.

Water polo is a team sport, and player must be able to think and make decisions in the pool. We use a player-oriented methodology with which players are taught to think and make decisions. DWPA doesn't dilute the training. We identify each student's strengths and with that strength students gain confidence and improve on their weaknesses. DWPA students are taught to play well with others, respect others and develop good sportsmanship. Water polo players must learn to pass the ball to their teammates and work together to score goals.

DWPA in addition to regular water polo is also offering an introduction into "Beach Water Polo". With that, we are the only water polo program that is training in the beach water polo style. Again, the tradition of Dalmatians playing in the sea goes a long way and we would like to bring it to you. 

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